My name is Henry Li (李自强), I am an experienced senior software engineer and English-Chinese / Chinese-English translator. I have years of programming experience in Kunming, China. I own a software company and have 15 employees, including technology experts; excellent designers and English translators (please see our provided technology platform).

Since 2007 I have completed 300 projects for our direct clients. I can provide you with completed projects snapshots, download links and direct website links. I also completed more than 50 projects for that you can check as reference.

Since 2014 we have built 10 working teams in China and India, who provide technology expertise and human resources to complete your projects. We have the expertise to match your requests and build a meaningful and cooperative relationship. In addition, we also welcome individuals or consultancy agencies to make referrals for which they will receive consultancy fees.we can pay you 3-5-8% consultancy fee, after discussing the subject further.

Sincerely Best Regards,
Founder and Owner of BroadStrong Software Room