If you are looking to strike a balance between low cost-high performance web applications or websites, then BroadStrong's PHP web development services will be the right fit. Our expert and dedicated PHP development team, who believe in building extraordinary applications, will help propel your websites to greater heights.

Our Design & Development practices are based on Software Engineering principles to help develop solutions that are extremely maintainable, while still being scalable. We achieve this using Object Oriented PHP 5 Development Practices, and a multi-threaded environment to make efficient applications.

Web 2.0 PHP Architecture

Tools & Technologies

  • Apache Web Server based environment with Apache Mod Rewrites & Server Side Includes
  • Linux based hosting to help lower costs
  • Windows PHP Development Services
  • Net Beans IDE
  • osCommerce, Magento for E-commerce
  • Joomla, Drupal Template Engines
  • PHP & MySQL for server side processing
  • JavaScript for client side processing
  • MySQL Database using Normalization
  • MVC Frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, PHP Pro
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Active Records, Propel
  • Concurrent Versioning Software
  • Pure Cascading Style Sheet Design (CSS)
  • Design Patterns - Singleton, Factory, Strategy, Decorator
  • Prototype Framework
  • Bon Echo for Standalone Browser Support
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing with IE6/IE7/Firefox/Chrome

What's new in PHP 5.0?

  • The Zend Engine II with a new object model and dozens of new features.
  • Better XML support, all extensions are now focused around the excellent libxml2 library.
  • A new SimpleXML extension for easy access and manipulation of XML as PHP objects.
  • A brand new built-in SOAP extension for interoperability with Web Services.
  • A new MySQL extension named MySQLi that includes an object-oriented interface in addition to a traditional interface; as well as support for many of MySQL's new features, such as prepared statements.
  • SQLite has been bundled with PHP.
  • Streams have been greatly improved, including the ability to access low-level socket operations on streams.

Benefits of PHP Solutions

  • Low execution, maintenance and debugging costs.
  • Runs on Apache web server. As Apache runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms, investments on server infrastructure can be utilized to the maximum.
  • Utilization of various open source applications and pre-packaged PHP modules during application development saves 30% - 40% on development time.
  • PHP is Open Source, meaning you never need to rely on the manufacturer or pay for expensive upgrades.
  • PHP is also endowed with other features such as native support for popular databases, an extensible architecture, and a processor that not only uses fewer resources on the server than many of its competitors, but also loads and displays pages efficiently.

PHP Solutions Expertise

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