Database Expertise

Since inception, BroadStrong has worked with various RDBMS products from different vendors in heterogeneous environments. Our experience includes migrating legacy systems, designing and developing customized database & web-based applications. We have a strong team who are experts in database management & integration. BroadStrong's offshore team provide you 24/7 maintenance & support for mission critical systems. Our cross-platform skills have helped us deliver innovative database architecture and replication solutions matching our clients’ needs and environment.

RDBMS Packages at BroadStrong MySQL

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • Sybase ASE
  • MS Access and Pocket Access

BroadStrong also has experience in developing stored procedures, functions and triggers in Oracle and MS SQL Server in projects such as:

  • A comprehensive audit trail system of data, using Oracle 8i on Solaris 8;
  • Triggers using Oracle and MS SQL Server for updating status, setting permissions, and for security purposes;
  • XML based database technologies, used for workflow solutions;
  • Skilful utilization of Sybase ASE for a number of projects;
  • Proficient and experienced in using MySQL and PostgreSQL in various applications;
  • Have worked with Pocket Access and MS SQL CE, which are the common database platforms used for Pocket PC/Win CE applications.

Other areas of expertise

BroadStrong has proficiency and expertise in developing various web based and desktop applications in FLOSS technology and extensively use databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.


BroadStrong develops application using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). LAMP is used to develop web-based and desktop applications in FLOSS. LAMP features the best operating system and an efficient web server. The unique combination of scripting language and versatile database brought in results that highlighted BroadStrong’s technology-driven capabilities.

Development tools

BroadStrong is proficient in a host of tools that include commercially available and freeware software tools. These tools fall under the areas of automated testing, modeling, build, profiling and digital media among others. These skills enable BroadStrong to maintain existing client applications with minimum ramp-up time.

BroadStrong has a track record in addressing the Internet middleware technologies space and bringing to bear diverse relevant expertise on the execution and maintenance of applications better.

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