System Reengineering & Migration

When existing systems become redundant, companies switch from legacy systems to modern and new systems built on the latest technology / platforms. This switch is usually time consuming and expensive. A cost effective alternative to such scenarios is to reengineer, migrate or port the legacy systems into the latest technology / platforms.

BroadStrong has been providing reengineering & migration services to software and hardware companies for more than a decade. With this expertise and learning at our end, we help customers reengineer legacy systems with huge savings on cost and time. We offer Product Reengineering services to upgrade current products to a new platform, architecture, OS and / or language.

Reengineering Services

  • Application re-engineering: We re-architect the product using new platforms and technologies such as SaaS and Web 2.0.
  • Technology Migration: We help enterprises migrate applications to corporate standards. We offer migration of products from older legacy technologies to newer technologies to ensure integration with other tools.
  • OS migration: We help migration of products from older operating systems to newer operating systems.
  • Application Server Migration: We take care of all cross-platform compatibility challenges, while the Client stays focused on product innovation.
  • Database Migration: We help customers migrate from non-relational databases to an industry-standard relational databases such as DB2, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or PosgreSQL, thus increasing business agility and ROI.
  • Packaged Implementation of Middleware technologies: We help customers migrate from legacy systems to new industry standard systems using packaged implementation of middleware technologies (Server-side and Client-side) such as SOA, web services and others.
  • Porting and migration to open source systems: We help Clients migrate or reengineer old systems into new systems using Free and Open Source Tools and Technologies.
  • Migration to web and legacy to web porting: We help you achieve a smoother transition of your existing legacy systems to the web platform. With smooth transitions of desktop to web platform, your organization will quickly see a rise in productivity without disturbing the functionality of existing systems.
  • Migration strategy consulting: BroadStrong’s team of consultants help you choose the right migration strategy after careful consideration of all available technology options.

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