Application Maintenance

Companies are increasingly spending more on application maintenance than on actual development or procurement of applications. Recent studies indicate that technology companies spend as much as 70% of their IT budgets on the maintenance of software. In larger organizations, legacy systems and applications from various acquisitions and mergers add to the complexity of maintenance and support.

As a result, IT departments of companies have often been reduced to helpdesks overloaded with the routine maintenance of software. They are left with little or no time for development or deployment of new systems.

BroadStrong provides ongoing functional application development support for all software maintenance needs. Our maintenance services stabilize, optimize and extend your application so that its functionality continues to meet the growing and changing needs of businesses. Integrity of the software is maintained for easier upgrades. Spending is controlled through predictable application maintenance costs. We provide support to our clients in bug-fixing, requirements change, testing, versioning and so on. BroadStrong takes pride in its efficient and flexible processes, tailored to our client’s requirements. Processes at BroadStrong are carefully created and monitored routinely with a view to accommodate Client requirements.

Our offshore development value proposition:

  • End-to-end product engineering services
  • Strong team of domain specialists
  • Breadth of technology expertise
  • Mature process methodologies
  • Flexible delivery model

Broadstrong offers greater value as existing application investments serve as our reference models. Client companies often look for means to upgrade their applications in order to remain competitive. It is here that BroadStrong services (Assessment, Maintenance, Enhancement, & Transformation) help application maintenance and stability.

Our application maintenance services deliver:

  • Reduction in TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Drive continuous improvements
  • Improve application stability
  • Reduced support costs
  • Understanding needs and knowledge transfer processes
  • Dedicated team with required competencies
  • Effective collaboration between onsite / offsite teams
  • 24/7 communication processes

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